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Ambler Hill Soapery

Shea butter and Charcoal Soap

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This soap is great for a myriad of reasons! Not just for guys, charcoal is great for absorbing excess oils and toxins that promote body odor. If you are prone to black heads or other cystic acne, this soap can help! The shea butter won't dry you out, while gently cleansing and exfoliating. The current available scents are affectionately called "Woodsman" and "Honeysuckle Rain". "Woodsman" is warm masculine smell, with notes of spicy lemongrass, cedar, cinnamon and clove. "Honeysuckle Rain" is a cooler light scent that is sweet but refreshingly clean, men and women alike could enjoy this scent. Notes of sweet cucumber, honeysuckle and cool creek banks. 

**Please note, charcoal can stain white linens and towels. I recommend using a darker fabric when bathing with this soap.**