Why on earth soap?

It's a question I've heard a lot. I don't mind being asked, I figured with as many as have asked, there may be more who would like to know...."Why soap?"

A little over 8 years ago, my oldest niece had been pregnant and I was early into my first pregnancy. As many first time moms do, I set to reading books and guides and all of the lists of things one should not use during pregnancy. Of course, you get dry skin and lips, maybe you're itchy, and the list goes on.....so I started asking the question "if big stores can put the stuff I like into these products, why can't I? Why can't I make what we need with only the good stuff and none of the extra fillers?" Thus began the long road here. I started with sugar scrubs and lip balms, then body butters. 

Then not long into pandemic land, I had a conversation with my husband. He was frustrated with his arm pits (I know, TMI and I apologize husband if you read this, you know I'm a full disclosure person). I started doing research and again with the question, "Well, if my grandmother and great grandmother could make soap, why can't I?" From there, I began making the shea butter and charcoal soap as a way to help him. From there things spiraled! I shared the soap with friends who may also have been struggling with similar issues. Next thing I know, my oldest niece and probably my biggest cheer leader said "Well Jecca, (that's what most of my family and friends call me, a story for another day!) I don't know why you don't sell this stuff!?" 

This is how we arrived where we are now. It just kind of happened. 

Come on in, sit down a spell and take a breath.